Sandie Eltringham

Alice Zheng, MD

Alice is a Principal at RH Capital, responsible for leading investments in innovative women’s health companies across the life sciences, digital health and consumer health. Alice has been a women’s health enthusiast throughout her career spanning global health, clinical medicine, and the private sector.  Alice was previously a women’s health practice leader and management consultant… Continue reading Alice Zheng, MD

Stasia Obremskey

Stasia Obremskey is Co-founder and Managing Director of RH Capital. She believes the world is a better place when you educate women and give them the tools to manage their unique health care needs. This belief has inspired her work in women’s health.  After working professionally for over twenty-five years as a trusted advisor to… Continue reading Stasia Obremskey

Elizabeth Bailey

Elizabeth Bailey is Co-founder & Managing Director of RH Capital. Throughout her career, Elizabeth has been a passionate advocate of the power of business to drive social change. She has over 20 years of experience in venture capital and supporting early-stage health technology companies. She was a Partner at one of the first impact venture… Continue reading Elizabeth Bailey