We partner with leading disruptors and innovators in women’s health. We are proud to back a diverse set of entrepreneurs – nearly 90% are founded or led by women or people of color.

Pioneering the next class of glycolipid biomarkers revolutionary for the early detection and diagnosis of ovarian cancer.

Revolutionizing maternal health through data-driven solutions and remote prenatal care.

Breaking down reproductive health barriers, starting with safe, affordable, over-the-counter birth control pills.

Mobilizing the power of the community and technology to deliver personalized, home-based maternity care for underserved communities.

Launching a new era of contraception through human-centered design and harnessing the natural barrier properties of cervical mucus.

Family-building options that put you first.

Inventing the future of male contraception with the first long-lasting, reversible implant solution for men.

Making continuous hormone monitoring possible by bringing the first at-home technology, giving you real time insights from the hormones in your saliva.

Delivering at-home vaginal microbiome tests designed to close the gender health gap and improve female health. 

Establishing culturally competent care with a digital-first health platform, tailored to support Black women through pregnancy and postpartum.

Redesigning maternity care with holistic, tech-enabled, midwife-led pregnancy care.

Providing telehelath and online pharmacy services with Thirty Madison’s reproductive and sexual health brand. 

Revolutionizing women’s quality of life and freedom of choice with healthier, safer uterine drug-delivery solutions.

Transforming episodic care into continuous support across fertility, maternity and parenting with a digital health platform.

Eliminating waste in period care through certified flushable sanitary pads that are 100% biodegradable.

Keeping mothers and babies safe during childbirth with the first-ever non-invasive fetal oxygenation monitor.

Providing insurance-covered specialized therapy and community support for perinatal mental health conditions.

Providing results, at home, in minutes through tech-enabled sexually-transmitted infection (STI) self-testing kits.

Bringing equity to sexual and reproductive health by increasing access, convenience and affordability through telehealth and online pharmacy.

Building accessible tools for the next generation of IVF. 

Building the family planning company of the 21st century with novel non-hormonal contraceptives for men and women.